The voice of young people’s
sexual health and wellbeing

Changing attitudes.

Challenging prejudices.

Championing equality.

We fight tirelessly every day for the rights of young people.

Our vision

Brook wants a society where all young people are free to be themselves.
The reality is that societal stigma limits young people’s ability to take control of their sexual health, enjoy healthy relationships and explore their identities. We are committed to changing attitudes, challenging prejudices and championing equality so that all young people can lead happy, healthy lives.

Brook worked in partnership with IPPF to create this short video featuring two young disabled women discussing sex and disability, their experiences and the changes they’d like to see.
  • Girl sat on steps

    Let’s Talk. Period

    17th Nov 2019 by

    Brook’s Let’s talk. Period project is committed to tackling period poverty in England. The project launched in Oct 2018 with seven teams across England, providing vulnerable young people with period products and education.

  • Welcome to the Vagina Museum

    11th Nov 2019 by

    With the Vagina Museum set to open its doors officially on 16 November, Development and Marketing Manager, Zoe Williams, tells us what the inspiration was behind the museum; the roadblocks they’ve faced along the way; and why a physical space dedicated to learning about vaginas and vulvas is a necessity.

  • Pro-Choice Abortion rights campaigners holding signs in front of a Belfast mural

    The North is Today: Two Weeks On

    4th Nov 2019 by

    Two weeks on from the historic victory for women’s rights in Northern Ireland, Naomi Connor, Co-Convenor of Alliance for Choice, tells us what abortion decriminalisation means in reality and why the battle isn’t over yet.

  • Brook Cymru

    30th Oct 2019 by

    In July this year Brook welcomed Kelly Harris, Business Development Lead / Arweinydd Datblygu Busnes, to lead the expansion of our education services in Wales. Here Kelly shares details of the official launch event.

  • Group of abortion rights campaigners

    The North is Now!

    22nd Oct 2019 by

    At midnight on 21 October 2019, abortion was decriminalised in Northern Ireland in an historic victory for women’s reproductive health. Lisa Hallgarten explains how we got here.

  • a picture of Caitlin at her graduation

    We need to talk about vulvas

    16th Oct 2019 by

    Brook’s lead clinical champion, 25 year-old Caitlin Gorman, writes of her experience of the shame and stigma that still surrounds young people’s bodies – both in her professional and personal life – and how we can combat this.

  • Contraception: a battle yet to be won

    26th Sep 2019 by

    For World Contraception Day, Brook’s Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Lisa Hallgarten, writes of the immense progress made towards access to contraception, as well as the work still to be done.

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About Brook

Brook creates safe, open, positive spaces where young people can speak freely. We provide platforms to amplify voices, empower choice and build confidence.

Drawing on 55 years experience, Brook delivers a unique blend of clinical services, education and training programmes, counselling and an online hub for sex and relationships advice.

We provide practical and trusted expertise, based on  what young people tell us they want and need.

We fight tirelessly every day for young people’s right to inclusive education and to protect their sexual health services. We are committed to changing attitudes, challenging prejudices and championing equality so that all young people can lead happy, healthy lives.