Why teaching young people about puberty is essential

Brook Education and Wellbeing Specialist, Elyssa Rider, explains why puberty education plays a fundamental role in equipping young people to navigate healthy relationships with themselves and their bodies as well as with others around them. Puberty education is arguably foundational to most other sex and relationships education topics. It encompasses not only body changes andContinue reading “Why teaching young people about puberty is essential”

It’s a Sin: My experience of working through the AIDS crisis

As part of National HIV Testing Week, Brook’s Assistant Director of Operations Jackie Redding discusses the hit Channel 4 show and reflects on her own work as an HIV counsellor in the 1980s. Within the first half hour of episode one of It’s a Sin, I was fully invested in the lives of the protagonists. I cared about what happened to them and I was routingContinue reading “It’s a Sin: My experience of working through the AIDS crisis”

How I got here: Brook CASH Nurse

Megan Chambers is a Contraception and Sexual Health Nurse for Brook in Cornwall. She shares her journey of having various health and social care jobs before deciding to work in sexual health. Back in school, I was never sure what I wanted to do, I’d always been the “mother” of the friendship group, caring andContinue reading “How I got here: Brook CASH Nurse”

How I got here: Brook Clinical Education and Wellbeing Specialist

Ben Tooke is a Clinical Education and Wellbeing Specialist for Brook in London. He shares how he went from wanting to be a photographer to working in the field of sexual health, and why he’s grateful for all his experiences. Working in sexual health wasn’t on my radar until my mid-twenties, prior to that IContinue reading “How I got here: Brook Clinical Education and Wellbeing Specialist”

A week in the life of a Brook Senior Administrator

In this blog, Grace Ransley explains some of the roles and responsibilities she carries out on a weekly basis as a Senior Administrator for Brook in London. Admin roles are vital in ensuring Brook’s clinical services are able to run smoothly, allowing Brook to support as many young people as possible. When I graduated fromContinue reading “A week in the life of a Brook Senior Administrator”

Bell v Tavistock Brook Statement

Trans young people must be reassured that the judgment in Bell v Tavistock does not affect their right to sexual and reproductive healthcare. The judgment in the Bell v Tavistock judicial review has caused significant distress to those Trans young people receiving and seeking treatment with puberty blockers. The clinical staff supporting them at theContinue reading “Bell v Tavistock Brook Statement”

How I got here: Brook Director of Digital and Communications

Laura Hamzic, Director of Digital & Communications at Brook, is responsible for the digital strategy and transformation of the organisation. Here, she talks about her journey into a digital career in sexual health. When I think back to careers conversations at school, I have to laugh. Admittedly it was the late 1990s and careers in ‘digital’ just weren’tContinue reading “How I got here: Brook Director of Digital and Communications”

A week in the life of a Brook Education & Wellbeing Specialist

Amber Newman-Clark, Education & Wellbeing Specialist for Brook in London, works hard every day to challenge stigma around sex and sexuality so that young people feel empowered to take control of their own lives. This is a week in Amber’s shoes… Why I do what I do   The message that sex, bodies and certain aspects ofContinue reading “A week in the life of a Brook Education & Wellbeing Specialist”

Contraception and endometriosis: an arduous journey

In this guest blog, 27-year-old Bima Loxley compares the lengthy journey she went through to reach an endometriosis diagnosis to the challenge of finding a method of contraception that was right for her. She explains why we need better education for young people to equip them to successfully tackle these issues. A new report hasContinue reading “Contraception and endometriosis: an arduous journey”

Abortion pills save lives

For International Safe Abortion Day, Laura Hurley, Programme Advisor at the Safe Abortion Action Fund writes on why abortion regulations should be based on health needs rather than stigma and explains why abortion services should be more widely available by telemedicine. The majority (73%) of all abortions which take place in England and Wales areContinue reading “Abortion pills save lives”