Covid 19: Managing mental health through mindfulness

Brook education and wellbeing coordinator, Viccie Hamlet, explains how practicing mindfulness can help to manage stress and anxiety during the pandemic. We’re living through a global pandemic, an unprecedented time that we’ll tell future generations about. We’ll also talk about how it ended, how we recovered and how everything returned to ‘normal’. For now though,Continue reading “Covid 19: Managing mental health through mindfulness”

Balancing lockdown: mental health & relationships

Nick Ray Morgan is a Mental Health Youth Worker and participation expert, as well as a mental health campaigner in his own right. He works tirelessly to bust the stigma around mental health in men. This Mental Health Awareness Week we spoke to Nick about relationships and how to overcome the challenges of living inContinue reading “Balancing lockdown: mental health & relationships”

‘Dis[covid]nected’: why self-kindness is key in lockdown

Brook Education and Wellbeing Specialist Lauren Pae has two degrees in mental health. This Mental Health Awareness Week Lauren reminds us that it’s important to be kind to ourselves during these times of uncertainty. It feels like the world has stood still. Time doesn’t make sense anymore, and anxiety, constraint and fatigue have weaved togetherContinue reading “‘Dis[covid]nected’: why self-kindness is key in lockdown”

Covid-19: Porn in a global pandemic

Brook’s Education and Wellbeing Specialist, Sophie Chase, talks about the porn industry, the relationship between sex in porn and sex in real life, and why it’s so vital that we talk to young people about porn as part of comprehensive relationships and sex education. With the ongoing development of the Internet, and now lockdown, youContinue reading “Covid-19: Porn in a global pandemic”

Looking ahead: Brook’s 2020-23 Strategic Plan

Brook’s Assistant Director of Business Support, Sally Hutchings, explains how Brook’s four core values – collaborative, trailblazing, courageous and trustworthy – underpinned every stage of development of our bold 2020-23 Strategic Plan. Brook wants a society where all young people are free to be themselves. In order to make this a reality, we believe that our services must beContinue reading “Looking ahead: Brook’s 2020-23 Strategic Plan”

Covid 19: Periods in isolation

As we all adjust to these new ways of living, Brook’s Let’s Talk. Period team in Liverpool, give some practical advice for parents and carers on how to use this time to have important conversations with young people. Written by Education and Wellbeing Specialists Jenny Gilchrist and Emma-Louise Kemp, with support from Education and WellbeingContinue reading “Covid 19: Periods in isolation”

Covid-19: RSE at home

Brook Education and Wellbeing Specialist Francesca Fiennes, urges anyone homeschooling to think about the sex education conversations you could be having with your young people, and offers top tips on where to go for trusted information online. Amidst the panic of Covid-19, we must remember that other health services and education must persevere. Given that governmentContinue reading “Covid-19: RSE at home”

Let’s Talk. Period: 5 Key Learnings

Brook’s Let’s Talk. Period project launched in October 2018, working to tackle period poverty in 7 areas across England. Education Manager, Ruby Stevenson, highlights our 5 key takeaways from this essential work. For the last 18 months, Brook has been running the Let’s Talk. Period project in partnership with Plan International UK to tackle periodContinue reading “Let’s Talk. Period: 5 Key Learnings”