COVID-19: Why we must talk about sexual health

Brook’s Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Lisa Hallgarten, highlights some key steps you can take to protect your sexual and reproductive health during COVID-19, as well as Brook’s key asks for the Government to avert a sexual health crisis. Staying at home during a lockdown sounds like the safest kind of sex – inContinue reading “COVID-19: Why we must talk about sexual health”

PHE Innovation Fund: Welcome to Brook

Brook is delighted to have secured funding through the 2020 PHE Innovation Fund to develop a new digital tool to triage young people in our waiting rooms. Below, Director of Digital & Communications, Laura Hamzic, describes how the idea behind the project was developed. The reality is that societal stigma still limits young people’s ability to takeContinue reading “PHE Innovation Fund: Welcome to Brook”

Keeping young people safe online

For Safer Internet Day, Kelly Harris, Business Development Lead for Brook’s expansion work into Wales uses her 15+ years of experience working with young people to discuss the importance of staying safe online. The internet is a brilliant and innovative space which is constantly evolving – giving us the opportunity to meet new people fromContinue reading “Keeping young people safe online”

Accessible sexual health images for all

Dean Milner-Bell is Accessible Information Designer at easy on the i, creating images and resources including leaflets, brochures, banners, etc. as well as running the website, image bank and image request service. He also provides a commissioned design service, supporting any organisation to create their own accessible information. He tells us what lead him toContinue reading “Accessible sexual health images for all”